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New Functionality!
We are always improving Powernoodle by adding new features (and fixing bugs!) to the application.

Highlights of the June 25th release -
  • Users can now reply to comments (comments on comments)
  • Comments now have an ID number to help users find a specific comment more easily
  • Organizers can now use Organizer Focus view to see live evaluation results before filtering

Knowledge Base

  1. Navigating Powernoodle 

    1. Powernoodle Participant Walkthrough
    2. The All Decision Spaces dashboard
    3. The Decision Space Homepage for Participants
    4. Accessing the Main Menu
    5. How do I find a specific Decision Space?
  2. Getting Started with Decision Spaces 

    1. Powernoodle Organizer Walkthrough
    2. How do I create a Decision Space?
    3. The Decision Space Homepage for Organizers
    4. Topics - What they are and how to add them.
    5. Configuring Activities
  3. Adding & Inviting Participants 

    1. How do I invite Participants to my Decision Space?
    2. Can I import or bulk upload contacts?
    3. How do participants join following receipt of an invitation?
    4. Can I invite different participants to different Decision Spaces?
    5. I sent an invitation in error, can I revoke it?
  4. Notifications 

    1. How do notifications work in Powernoodle?
    2. Can I opt out of notification emails?
    3. Does the Organizer control notifications for Participants?
  5. Getting Started with Templates 

    1. What are templates?
    2. How do I use a template?
    3. How do I create a template?
    4. Can I update or delete my templates?
  6. Activities - Noodle 

    1. What is the Noodle activity?
    2. How do I start the Noodle activity?
    3. Do I need to start with Noodle?
    4. How do I add a tile or comment?
  7. Activities - Tag 

    1. What is Tagging?
    2. How do I start the Tag activity?
    3. How do I Tag my tiles?
    4. When can I Tag tiles?
    5. View Using Tags
  8. Activities - Combine 

    1. Why Combine tiles?
    2. What happens when tiles are combined?
    3. How do I start the Combine step?
    4. How do I combine tiles?
    5. Where can I see which ideas were combined?
  9. Activities - Vote 

    1. What is the Vote activity?
    2. How do I start the Vote activity?
    3. How do I Vote?
    4. Can I Vote multiple times for one idea?
    5. Can I assign weighted votes?
  10. Activities - Rate 

    1. What is the Rate activity?
    2. How do I start the Rate activity?
    3. What is the difference between the single and multi criteria options?
    4. How do I Rate?
    5. What does it mean to abstain in Rate?
  11. Activities - Prioritize 

    1. What is the Prioritize activity?
    2. How do I start the Prioritize activity?
    3. Can I set my own resources to allocate?
    4. How do I prioritize?
    5. How do I filter tiles?
  12. Activities - Actions 

    1. What is the purpose of the Actions activity?
    2. How do I start the Actions activity?
    3. How do I assign actions?
  13. Advanced Powernoodle Topics 

    1. Doing more with your data
    2. Can I include HTML, links, or media, in my Decision Spaces?
    3. Can I copy or export ideas to another topic or Decision Space?
    4. What is the difference between Reset and Open functionality?
    5. Why would I reset or reopen an activity?
  14. Product FAQ 

    1. How does I'm Done work?
    2. How do I delete a Decision Space?
    3. Can someone else run a Decision Space I created?
    4. Can I lock or restrict access to a Decision Space?
    5. How many topics can I have in a Decision Space?
  15. Support FAQ 

    1. Who can I contact if I have a problem with Powernoodle?
    2. What are the system requirements for Powernoodle?
    3. I am having connection issues. What should I do?
    4. Templates are not loading into All Decision Spaces.
    5. I can't find my Decision Space - why not?
  16. Account Management FAQ 

    1. How do I change my password?
    2. How can I change my plan subscription?
  17. Organizer Timesavers and Tips 

    1. Need some help? Not sure what to write where?
    2. The Purpose
    3. Activity Instructions
    4. The Invitation Email
    5. Participation Emails
  18. All articles 

    1. How do I invite Participants to my Decision Space?
    2. What is the Noodle activity?
    3. What is Tagging?
    4. Why Combine tiles?
    5. What is the Vote activity?
    107 articles 

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